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Free online quotes: While we have provided standard editing rates below, we realize that writing takes all forms and levels of ability, from the novice to the published author. Before we take on any project we attempt to provide an estimate of the costs of the submitted work. This will vary with the writer's ability, the material submitted (narrative, technical, footnoted), and what is expected of us. Most material that comes to us has usually been roughly edited and proofed by the author(s) and colleagues.

For a quote, please submit the first five pages via email attachment. State the total page count, and preferred style, if any (MLA, Chicago, AP, APA, other). We will review and provide a quote, usually within 24 hours. From there, you can decide on how to proceed.


All works submitted, usually via email attachment, should be in MS Word, with an easily readable font (such as 12 point Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced, and paginated with the writer's name on each page. In other words, submissions for editing should be similar in format to any manuscript submission. If your work is in a format other than stated above (e.g., grants, PDFs), the costs will be estimated accordingly after review. Editing is done using MS Word's Track Changes, which will include comments and suggestions.

General editing services include proofreading for spelling, grammar, construction, and usage. Editing for clarity and content is included unless the submission is confusing and unreadable. In those cases, the client will be advised via email and there will be no charge for a general 3-5 page scan.

We will use the standard style (MLA, AP, APA, and Chicago) for the type of document where applicable; however, the client should state which style was used or required for the document.

To begin the process, submit your work as via email attachment with any instructions or questions (See Contact Us). We will respond with our understanding of the work to be done, along with the estimated costs. You will then go to the PayPal section and submit the estimated amount using a credit card or your own PayPal account. Once payment is received, the edited documents will be sent within a few days or sooner upon prior agreement.

Rates: (All rates below are general estimates of costs for the average document)

Payment: All payments can be made through PayPal, using MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, or Discover.

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Most articles/stories/papers of 20 pages or fewer will be reviewed and returned within five (5) business days once payment is received. For longer articles or manuscripts, the turnaround time will vary and an estimate will be sent via email within 48 hours of submission. A quicker turnaround may be negotiated; however, the rate will increase accordingly.