Frequently Asked Questions

What types of editing do you do?

Editing Services

RoadWriter edits all kinds of written materials, from doctoral dissertations to high school term papers. We have experience with research papers, grant applications, plus smaller projects such as cover letters and résumés. New and experienced authors can submit their fiction and non-fiction works of any size – a complete novel or a short article. We may blush at love letters, however.

My professor says my paper must be in APA style. Can you help with this?

RoadWriter edits papers in most traditional styles like APA, AP, MLA, and Chicago. If you know the required style, you should first research the style boundaries and write accordingly. RoadWriter will then edit to be sure your document is consistent with the proper style. We cannot, however, rewrite your project from one style to another without claiming at least one of your academic credits.

What if my paper is perfect and needs no editing?

First, we will congratulate you on the perfect paper and submit your name for a Pulitzer or Nobel. Seriously, no matter the skill of the writer, our editors must still read every word at least twice to be sure of proper construction and continuity. Therefore, we earn our way even if few edits are needed. However, if the paper was a breeze, we may offer a reduced rate. After all, we have a heart.

What if my document, say a grant application, is single-spaced? Does that affect the rate?

Our "per page" rates are based on standard margins, 12 point fonts, and double-spacing. A single-spaced document would count as roughly two pages when the rate is figured. The same goes for narrow margins, charts, and pictures. We try to be fair and not charge for areas of the page that we do not review. The best estimate is word count. Most manuscript pages are about 250 words, or about $.012 per word at $3.00/page.

Are editing rates negotiable?

Once we see your project, we will give you a good faith estimate of the costs based on the above criteria. We actually round down our rates, not round up as others might do. However, if you can make the case that you are a struggling writer about to be homeless, we may take pity.

Do I have to give credit anywhere to RoadWriter for the editing?

The material is always yours, even with our general edits, so you do not have to list us as authors or editors, just as if you had your colleague or mother do a quick read-through. However, if your novel goes on to be a bestseller, you might list us as the best editors anywhere. Of course, referrals are always welcome.

I always procrastinate and sometimes leave my papers to the last minute. How fast can you turnaround a project?

With 20 pages or fewer, we can usually turn those around in 48 or even 24 hours if need be. The shorter the time, the higher the cost, of course. We will still provide an estimated cost for you to consider before we begin. Even at regular rates, we will turnaround shorter papers in less than four or five business days. We encourage you to plan ahead. You never know when the power will go out.

I have finally finished my novel and am afraid to show it to anyone, especially in full. How can I be sure that you won't steal my manuscript and publish it as your own?

You can't. But we would never do that for so many reasons, not the least of which we would fear meeting you on a park bench somewhere claiming to be the real author (See The Words). Seriously, we state that all work is expected to be the original work of the person submitting it. Plus, we have morals.

What if I have other questions?

You can always email your questions or concerns. If you need a quicker answer, you can call and leave a message. We don't, however, know the meaning of life.